Assessments built for the modern age.

Optimize your talent experience with personality data.

Defy what you expect from pre-hire assessments.

Our mobile-first, visual-based format delivers the fastest science-backed insights in the industry, enabling high-volume hiring companies to personalize candidate and employee experiences from the start and hire top talent quickly and easily.

A fun & engaging experience is a gift for applicants and a tool for companies.
Follow Mara’s journey with employer Jedi Co, from passive seeker to candidate to employee.

Start with the assessment.

Completed in less than 2 minutes, and delivered via email, SMS, or embedded on your career site. Our assessment can be taken on any device, and maps career interests to available job postings.

Enable job discovery, not job search.

Like Netflix recommends movies, our recommendation engine maps personality traits to jobs and drives applications.

Give back to candidates.

Active or passive, your candidates gain self-insight and your employment brand builds reciprocity.

Nurture your talent pool with more than just jobs.

Personality data lets you personalize communications and create ongoing engagement like a content marketer.

Accrue goodwill to your employment brand.

Social sharing of personality results drives referrals, more applicants, and more employment brand reciprocity.

What you get in the platform:



Traitify prices using a subscription model. Our annual platform licensing fee includes access to all elements of our human insight platform.

Flexible models

To fit different customer business models and software buying expectations, we created flexible pricing models: per applicant, per hire, or per store location.

Your ROI

Traitify improves employee metrics like turnover and objective performance. Savings drop directly to your bottom line. Our goal is >10x ROI for our customers.

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