Assessments built for the modern age.

Optimize your talent experience with personality data.

Defy what you expect from pre-hire assessments.

Our mobile-first, visual-based format delivers the fastest science-backed insights in the industry, enabling high-volume hiring companies to personalize candidate and employee experiences from the start and hire top talent quickly and easily.

The only engagement and development solution focused on the needs of high-volume workforces.

Smooth onboarding with engagement.

Use personality data to deliver personalized life hacks for the first 90 days on the job — communication, collaboration, productivity.

Personalized growth.

Use personality insights to inform how your people can grow and develop in their role.

Cultivate effective leaders.

Give your managers practical and personalized ways to lead each employee, while cultivating their own development, too.

Construct high performance teams.

Different projects require teams with different personality compositions. Use personality data to guide you

Growth mindset, personalized.

With bite-sized insights customized to each employee, help your people understand themselves better to make your team and company the best it can be.

Personality API

Traitify is the world’s first and most powerful personality API.

An efficient mechanism to quantify soft skills and work culture with applications across the entire employee journey.

Add personality data and insights to your recruitment marketing, talent acquisition, and employee development processes.

Our simple REST API is designed to get you up and running fast! Explore the API.

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Client Libraries

Also, use personality data to build any other use case you can imagine.

What you get in the platform:



Traitify prices using a subscription model. Our annual platform licensing fee includes access to all elements of our human insight platform.

Flexible models

To fit different customer business models and software buying expectations, we created flexible pricing models: per applicant, per hire, or per store location.

Your ROI

Traitify improves employee metrics like turnover and objective performance. Savings drop directly to your bottom line. Our goal is >10x ROI for our customers.

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